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This page lists some of my hobby projects and links to social/exchange platforms.
Dust : The Abandoned Land is a multiplayer real-time survival roguelike that takes place in a large procedurally generated world populated with wildlife, dangerous creatures and other NPC humans (e.g. other survivors, military, bandits). The game includes some fun/interesting artificial intelligence (implemented though dynamic behavior trees).

The Raspberry Pi Camera Follower is a controller for a AIY Vision kit mounted on top of a Pan Tilt Hat and connected to a Raspberry Pi. The camera detects human faces and drive the pan/tilt to follow them [Video].

Mapgen Explorer is a terrain editor / debugger for the Cataclysm DDA game.

A screen-shot of Build & Defend
Build & Defend is a multi-player survival cooperative game in a randomly generated and destructible world. The game also include a lot of "social" logics: replay sharing, forum, chat, achievements, global leaderboard, custom character drawing, etc.. The game started as an experiment with game-play mechanics, and ended-up being a paying game. You can try this game at

Robot made of Legos
The core of a robot made of LEGOs
from when I was a kid.
This website contains many of previous projects, mostly video game development and DIYs.

The logo of
I am the co-creator of the website helps people to find somebody to keep their pets during holidays. This web-site focus mainly on NACs ("Nouveaux animaux de compagnie" - "New pets" in english) such as rats, hamsters, rabbits, fishs, pogonas, etc.